What Constitutes Defamation in San Diego?

What constitutes defamation in San Diego and what can you do if someone has harmed your reputation or business through slander or libel?  Generally speaking, defamation occurs when a false or untrue written or spoken statement damages your personal reputation or your business.  When a person suffers disparagement or the defamation of their character they usually are forced to endure suffering in the form of shame, disconnection from activities and friends, and profound embarrassment.  Others may shun you, or their careless words may impact your ability to retain your job or participate in an organization you care about.  Victims of defamation often feel like social outcasts.

There can be a heavy price associated with defamation.  You may be forced to endure the measurable loss of business or money personally or professionally not to mention the cost to repair and restore your reputation.  The emotional and financial consequences of the false words or accusations of others are legally known as “damages.”  It is possible to hold the person who committed libel or slander legally and financially accountable for what has happened to you as a result of their defamatory statements.

California defamation laws are quite complex and there are different legal standards based upon the nature of the written or oral communications,  the public or private standing of the parties involved and the provable intent behind the defamation that has occurred.  In some cases it may be important to simply pursue an order from the Court that clears your name and proves the actions of the other party were defamatory.  In other cases the result of their defamatory statements may result in substantial financial liability.  The experience and expertise of your San Diego defamation attorney will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

If someone has spoken falsehoods about you and you need to learn more about what constitutes defamation in San Diego or believe you have been the victim of defamatory comments – either written, published, posted on the internet or spoken aloud where two or more people could hear – we invite you to call us at 760-295-1311 or schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney.  We strive to be easily accessible by phone or email, and if you need to leave a message we will call back within a matter of hours.