San Diego Real Estate Disputes Require an Attorney with Experience and Expertise

The value of San Diego real estate heightens the stakes of local real estate disputes. Successful resolution requires a balance of experience and expertise from your real estate attorney. Real property contests — a boundary dispute, performance of a commercial lease, purchase and sale problems, or hidden defects, among others, — can grow expensive for both parties, especially if the clash leads to litigation.

As an experienced San Diego real estate attorney with decades of experience, I first recommend (if my client not already exhausted this effort) negotiating a resolution meeting my client’s objectives. In some cases, we consider mediation – mutually agreeing with the other side to evaluation and recommendations from a neutral retired judge or distinguished lawyer. In some cases, non-binding or binding arbitration may best resolve the issue at hand. These strategies will be far more expedient and less expensive than carrying the dispute all the way into a courtroom.

There are, however, times when litigation is the right and only answer, and it is important for you to have an attorney with courtroom experience. I approach these cases (and the opposing party) with the goal of finding common ground, infusing the conversation with calm perspective and a cooperative tone. This approach is frequently more productive, resulting in the completion of the anticipated transaction or resolution of the underlying dispute in the shortest possible time and in an economical manner.