Civil Litigation

What Is Civil Litigation?

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Civil litigation is a broad area of the law, broadly characterized as any matter that does not relate to a criminal or family law case. Civil litigation involves a dispute between two or more parties where the parties seek financial damages or “specific performance”. Civil litigation cases are necessarily adversarial, and we represent our clients in a variety of venues at each stage of a case including:

1. Negotiation
2. Mediation
3. Arbitration
4. Litigation

The Jaques Law Office advocates skillfully on behalf of our clients, we provide sound counsel based upon our years of extensive legal experience and expertise in these matters. The further a case proceeds through litigation, the more potentially expensive and time consuming it can become for our clients. We work to gain a clear understanding of our client’s goals and objectives. We provide analysis and insight into your legal issue based upon applications of the law and the benefit of our experience. We strive to maintain a positive working relationship with opposing counsel whenever possible to foster the most productive environment for negotiation and the settling of our dispute in a manner that reflects our client’s ultimate goals and best interests.

What Are Some Areas of Civil Litigation Practiced by the Jaques Law Office?

Civil litigation is a broad term of art, and while we bring a depth of experience across many disciplines of law we are primarily focused upon cases involving:

• Defamation (libel, slander, internet)
• Real Estate Disputes
• Breach of Contract
• Fraud
• Business Litigation
• Failure to Perform
• Contract Disputes
• Disputes Between Homeowners and Contractors
• Preventive Law: This is before-you-sign contract consultation, review and revision to prevent potential problems before they happen, such as damage to, or interruption of, your venture, and to ensure you can legally enforce agreements and recover your attorney fees in the process;
• In-Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility Patient Advocate (former Vice-President of the Board of Directors of Palomar-Pomerado regional Medical Center)

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