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San Diego and Los Angeles Defamation / Disparagement of Character Cases

Our San Diego, California, law firm handles a range of cases involving defamation (sometimes clients refer to these cases as “defamation of character” or “disparagement.”) throughout the San Diego and Los Angeles metropolitan areas, as well as across the State of California. Most of these terms refer to the same idea, however — a false statement injuring the reputation of another person. We serve both plaintiffs and defendants, but many of our clients come to us because they have been harmed in some way by statements made against them, including spoken statements and written statements.

These defamatory statements are especially personal and serious because they subject individuals and their businesses to hatred, ridicule, contempt, and often lost revenue. They tarnish reputations and significantly affect financial status and standing in the community.

Generally, lawyers consider defamation to have occurred when a party makes a false and unprivileged statement of fact that is harmful to someone’s reputation, and publishes it – most often — “with fault,” meaning as a result of negligence or malice.  There are several components that must be met in order for a statement to be considered defamatory.  This is a complex area of law, and you should consult a knowlegable and experienced attorney.

In California, defamation comes in two forms, libel and slander. Libel and slander are associated with often related claims, as noted here.

  • Libel: written defamation
  • Slander: spoken defamation
  • Trade libel: As with libel and slander, this form of defamation directly affects a person’s occupation, business, trade, or profession by conveying false information about a business.
  • Closely associated with defamation are:
    • Intrusion: Intrusion is a form of invasion of privacy. A party may file a civil claim when he or she is harmed by invasion of a reasonable expectation of seclusion. In many cases, the government can also file criminal charges against the defendant.
    • False light: When misleading information about a person or business represents that party in a false light to the public and negatively impacts that person or business, privacy laws may have been violated.

What To Expect

We offer confidential consultations with a lawyer regarding defamation lawsuits. We do this primarily by telephone or video conference. In your consultation, we will take the time to talk with you about your situation. We will talk about how the law may affect you and can discuss probable outcomes and courses of action. We will also talk about the costs associated with each course of action so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

We can talk with you about slander vs. libel or Internet defamation as well.

If our firm represents you in a defamation lawsuit, you can expect thorough and responsive representation from the moment you retain us until your matter is resolved. We will begin by collecting facts and evidence regarding your situation, and we will be available throughout your case to answer questions and provide guidance. You will always work directly with an attorney.

Each case is different, and we represent people on both sides of defamation lawsuits. If you have been harmed, we will file a complaint in the appropriate court, suing the offender who made the harmful statements about you or your business. If you have been served with a defamation lawsuit, we will review the complaint and respond efficiently and effectively.

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