Internet Defamation

San Diego Internet Defamation Attorney

In the past two decades, the Internet has transformed society. Now more than ever, people live their lives online. Our Internet personas impact our real lives, and things said online have real power to cause us harm.

At our Vista, California, law firm, we often hear from people regarding the viability of potential Internet defamation lawsuits. They tell us about harmful information that was posted on the Internet and wonder: “Do I have a case?”

If someone has posted something unfavorable online – if you have been mentioned in a blog post or on a website – schedule a confidential consultation with us today because you may have a libel case against the person who made the post. A successful defamation lawsuit can help you recover compensation for harm to you or your business. Each situation is different, and there are several components required for defamation to exist, so it is vital to talk with a lawyer about the facts of your case.

The Statute Of Limitations In Internet Defamation Cases

It is critical to act quickly if you believe that you may have an Internet defamation claim. Under the law, the statute of limitations runs 12 months (that’s right, one year) after the date the item was posted to the Internet, unless the offender has actively hidden or disguised the content in question, which can stop the statute of limitations from running.

Even if you believe that the statute of limitations has run, contacting an attorney experienced in the law of defamation is a good idea. You may have other legal options that you have not yet considered. At our law firm, we can talk with you and help you understand how the law might apply in your case.

Our founding attorney, Bruce Jaques Jr., has been practicing law for 34 years. He founded our law firm in 1996 with the goal of providing excellent legal representation to clients. When we talk with potential clients about their cases, we assess the situation so that immediate action can be taken. As an experienced lawyer, Mr. Jaques understands the challenges our clients face and knows the strategies that are likely to be effective in achieving the best possible results.

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